Okay folks, I’m a bit of nerd, and anytime someone says the word “cheese” all I can think about it Wallace and Gromit! Anyone else? For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, clip the image and check out the clip – it’s a British claymation show about a man and his dog, and they love cheese and crackers, and the way Wallace says “cheeeeese Gromit!” just cracks me up!















Okay, after that slightly unnecessary, yet at the same time, very necessary tangent, who’s ready for Daily Challenge #43???

#43: With so many options for dairy out there, which is best for you? Many people gravitate towards cheese (and why not, it’s yummy) but if you were to switch your cheese intake with milk or yogurt, you’d cut a lot of unnecessary sodium out of your diet, and at the time you’d increase your potassium and Vitamin D intake!

So as hard as it is, pick milk over cheese! (just don’t tell Wallace and Gromit)