This past Saturday was Kids’ Safety Day at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds! Organizations such as the Nebraska State Patrol, Good Samaritan Hospital, and the local fire department were there teaching children the importance of safety.

This is the "Seatbelt Convincer." A person sits in the chair at the top with their seatbelt on and is released downward to simulate a vehicle crash.

This is the “Seat Belt Convincer.”

The Nebraska State Patrol brought out the “Seat Belt Convincer”! A rider is positioned in the seat at the top of the “Seat Belt Convincer” with their seat belt on. They are then released downward to experience a low-impact crash. The purpose of the Convincer is to show the importance of wearing your seat belt at all times! This interactive tool seemed to be very effective.¬†Many children walked away saying they will always wear their seat belt after watching the convincer in action!

Karen from SAFE Kids fits a bike helmet on a lucky rider!

Karen from SAFE Kids fits a bike helmet on a lucky rider!


Bike helmets were also handed out to children who didn’t have one or needed a new size. Children could either bring in their own helmets to be fitted or they could receive a free one if they did not have one at home. Helmet experts were there on the spot to make sure that all of the kids’ helmets were just the right fit to ensure proper safety!

The University of Nebraska Kearney also provided a simulation driving machine. It grades your driving skills while multitasking, such as texting while driving.


Be sure to keep your kids safe by wearing bicycle helmets, not using the phone while driving, and routinely checking your fire alarms!