From the fountain of youth to “life extension science” (yes, that’s a real thing), people love life and want to live more of it. That’s why our goal to BE ACTIVE is so important.


It’s proven that even 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily will extend your life (source), but like we said in our previous posts, winter and fall often prove to be challenging months for Nebraskans looking to exercise. It’s hard to do jumping jacks when you’re frozen stiff.


To help you out, we’ve put together a super simple 30-minute workout routine anyone can do at home. 

5 minutes: Stretching

What an easy way to chip five minutes off our total! It’s always better to ease your body into exercise and make sure your muscles are stretched and ready to perform. Even though we aren’t getting too crazy with this workout, it’s still a good idea to stretch.


Stretching out.

5 minutes: Cardio

Time to get that heart rate up! You don’t need to spend money on a treadmill or elliptical, but if you did, bust it out! All I do is run in place. I can close my eyes and run anywhere, from the sidewalks of Kearney to the streets of Venice, Italy, to this crazy upside-down world I invented. Try to run at a pace you can keep for five minutes, and then we’re on to our next leg of the workout.

Running in place.

Running in place.

5 minutes: Sit-ups and Push-ups

The easiest of all exercises to do at home. You literally need nothing but your own body to do these. I like to take it easy and alternate 10 sit-ups, 10 push-ups, with short breaks at the end of each minute.

One of many push-ups.

One of many push-ups.

5 minutes: Free Weights

When I say “free weights” I mean anything in your house that has weight and is free. I happen to have some 15-pounders I got at a garage sale, but you can use anything. Books, water jugs, full garbage bags, lamps, they all work. My only tip is to not use something with a weird shape that’s hard to hold, like a couch or ladder.

Anything heavy that fits in your hands is a weight.

Anything heavy that fits in your hands is a weight.

Once you’ve got your weight, it’s nice to mix it up. I do curls, tricep extensions, and military press. There are tons of other moves you can do depending on what muscles you want to work, but always make sure you’re working with a weight you can handle. Don’t try to lift 50 lbs. the first day.

Military, triceps and curls.

Military, triceps and curls.

5 minutes: Cardio, Round 2

Think of this workout as a flight of stairs. We hit the top, and now we’re going back down, and on the way we’re going to get our heart rate up again. So back to your Stair Master or just the stairs. Get those legs moving for five minutes and then it’s time for a cool down. I try to go harder this time since my adrenaline’s going and I know I have an awesome final exercise.

A quick job up and down the stairs.

A quick jog up and down the stairs.

5 minutes: Get-down Cool Down

My final leg is a dance party with just me on the VIP list. I pick a really irritating song that my wife will hate (but usually ends up liking, ruining my plans) and bust a move. It’s a fun way to ease out of workout mode and back into awesome reality. Here’s my pick for best Get-down Cool Down track ever:

Do that a few times a week and not only will you start feeling better and more energized, but you’ll also live longer. It’s scientifically proven.


And remember to share how you’re BEING ACTIVE this month for a chance to win a prize.