Ways to Make Healthy Eating Affordable

It has become a nasty habit of ours to buy what’s cheap instead of what’s healthy at the store these days just to save a few dollars. But, is saving a handful of George Washington’s at the grocery store worth the cost of our health?
To have a truly complete healthy lifestyle, you have to fully commit to fitness, food and felicity (happiness).
This means to do so in all equal parts too. If you are working hard to burn those “extra” calories, but then you are fueling your body with ingredients and foods that are doing more harm than good for your body are you going to get any healthier?
It’s time to break the habit of having an imbalance in our ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle and time to begin to make healthy eating a priority too (without breaking the bank).
Starting with the basics, when it’s time to purchase your food for the household, breaking the bad habit and forming the new one begins before the trip to the store. Two things are crucial and beneficial: eat before you shop and make a grocery list and stick to it! Both of these help prevent you from impulse buying those unhealthy snacks and foods while at the store. Keeping your list in hand is a physical reminder that you are working on a new and positive habit. It also helps you to keep in mind what your body needs!
Now, when you begin shopping do so by shopping the perimeter of the store. This is where the healthiest foods are located. Everything from fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, bread, and dairy products. By staying on the edges of the store longer your cart will fill faster with the most beneficial foods.
When the list calls for foods that are found towards the midsection of the store, be mindful. Stick to your list and avoid items that can seem harmless. For example, stay away from canned fruit, vegetables and soups due to the hidden amounts of sodium and sugars added into them. Also when it comes to grains, buy them in whole. Steer clear of processed grains every chance you get because they have lost key nutrients like vitamin E and antioxidants which means if they aren’t there, your body doesn’t get the opportunity to obtain them either. And finally, avoid the sugar! Products with high sugar, or even hidden sugars, can be harmful in the long run so be aware what’s in which products when choosing.
Another way to save while purchasing the healthier choices, buy in bulk. You will get more for your dollar and save trips to the grocery store too.
Finally, to calculate the total costs of healthy eating, if you choose to spend your money on better food NOW you will spend less money in the FUTURE. So buy the organic fruit and skip the over processed meals and you will eliminate the risk of hefty medical bills and big health burdens that are correlated with poor eating in previous years in the long run.

See this link to find out more about these tips: http://www.helpguide.org/articles/healthy-eating/eating-well-on-the-cheap.htmhttp://greatist.com/health/22-cheap-and-easy-ways-eat-healthy