You’ve probably heard of the government shut-down. The cutbacks. The layoffs. The gridlock. I spent this week in Washington, D.C., at the National Bike Summit,¬†learning, connecting, observing. While I was there, one thing became clear to me: we don’t have to wait to get change approved. We need to make that change ourselves.


Federal and state funding is great. Government initiatives can be wonderful, especially when they bring real change and upgrades to communities, but that isn’t all it takes. What it takes is change on an individual level, change that sprouts and grows through the community, making things better from the ground up. Then, the big government has a model to look at, a track record, some figures. They love that. That’s when they get behind something.


At the National Bike Summit

I went to Capitol Hill and met with government representatives, and it was an amazing experience, but what I’m most excited about is being home. Getting geared up for some spring bike riding. Spreading the message that a healthy lifestyle can be fun and rewarding. Being an advocate for life. Building a healthier Buffalo County.


It may seem like there’s a lot of work to be done, and that the big movers and doers aren’t really moving and doing very much right now, but what matters is you. Be Active. Advocate. Spread the message. A healthier Buffalo County begins with you, and I’m taking that message to heart because a healthier Buffalo County begins with me, too.