Directory: Hunting & Fishing

Cottonmill Recreation Area
2795 Cottonmill Avenue
Fort Kearny Historical Park
1020 V Road
Kearney`Camping Fishing`308-865-5305
Fort Kearny Shooting Sports
10945 Poole Avenue
Kearney` Rifle pistol sporting clays
skeet 5-stand paintball `308-627-6347
Kearney Park & Recreation
2005 1st Avenue
Kearney`Fishing shooting sports` 308-237-4644
Nebraska 4-H`Shooting sports`402-472-2805
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Extension in Buffalo County`4-H shooting
sports fishing 4-H camping`308-236-1235
Windmill State Park
2625 Lowell Road
Gibbon`Fishing Boating Camping`308-468-5700

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