Too much screen time can increase your child's risk of obesity.

Can you imagine a life without TV, your tablet, or video games? What did people do with their time? What did you do as a kid to entertain yourself?


Maybe, instead of emailing a friend or creating an invitation to a party on Facebook, get out the paper and pens and hand write a letter or an invitation instead. How about reading a good old book? ¬†Maybe it’s time to blow the dust off your favorite book instead of staring at a screen checking up on the latest tweets. Or of course, get outside on these beautiful spring days and enjoy the weather by going on a bike ride down your favorite trail.



no laptopScreens and technology have become such a huge part of our daily lives, it is hard to believe we we are able to function without them. Do you ever think you would be able to go a full day without using any screens? The average American spends 8.5 hours per day in front of some kind of screen! That’s about six hours too many according to the National Institute of Health. Screens may be an every day part of our life now but I bet everyone could cut screen time by at least half, if not more.


Screen Free week is May 5th – 11th and we want to challenge you to turn off your screens and turn on life! Check out our Unplug campaign for great tips and information to help you and you family get ready for Screen Free Week!