Hi, Buffalo County!


June has quickly arrived and you know what that means . . . a new monthly challenge!


This month’s challenge is to match physical activity to your screen time! Screen time is the amount of time you spend watching TV or movies, on the computer, playing video games, or using a mobile device to play a game or socialize on Facebook. Children between 8 and 18 years of age are spending an astounding 7.5 hours on screen time each day. This is almost the same amount of time that they are in school! Adults are not good role models, either. They spend at least half of their leisure time watching TV!


Too much screen time can be detrimental to your health because your body goes into a sedentary state while watching TV or surfing the web. Often, families eat dinner around the TV or snack while watching. This can cause excess weight gain.


So instead of eating with your family in front of a TV, why not pack a picnic and enjoy the outdoors with the family? You could even pack a long a frisbee or football to throw around and the kids can play on the playground too!


A sweet (but not too sweet!) gift package from Complete Nutrition will be handed out at the end of June to the person with the most success of cutting screen time and adding physical activity! Good Luck!