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Did you know that 5-20% of people get sick with the flu every single year?

Did you know that your business could take a huge hit because of the widespread nature of flu season?

It’s true. Flu season can severely impact your business. It can lead to losses in productivity, sick employees, and employees distracted by sick children.

The CDC and a variety of scientific research suggest that getting the flu shot and striving towards herd immunity is the best way to stay healthy during flu season. But a majority of people still aren’t being vaccinated.

So what can your business do?

It starts with employee education. Once your employees know the risks, host a worksite flu shot clinic. Finally, reduce the sick day stigma that runs rampant in your office so you can avoid an epidemic.

In the SlideShare below, check out how you can do these things and maintain a healthy workforcethis flu season. You can also take in some bonus tips about hosting an excellent flu shot clinicwhere you work.

Flu season can be a huge threat to you and your company. How do you make sure your business buys in to a corporate flu shot clinic?