Diabetes Screening Fair at Eaton Corporation

The Diabetes Referral Network (DRN) kicked off the National Diabetes Awareness month with a worksite diabetes fair at Eaton Corporation last week. The Diabetes Referral Network is dedicated to connecting community members to resources in Central Nebraska to control and maintain their diabetes and pre-diabetes.

So what is a worksite fair anyway?

A worksite fair really is just a screening located at your worksite. The beauty of having it at your place of work is that you and your employees might only have to travel across the building for a screening instead of across town!

The goal of a diabetes fair is to screen employees for pre-diabetes and diabetes through a CDC screening tool, a glucometer test on all employees, and potentially an A1C test if the employee is at risk for diabetes. Following the screening, employees receive one-on-one education. A number of resources are available to take home too.

Our Numbers

We had the potential to screen almost 500 employees at Eaton. Of course, it is very unlikely to get every single employee to attend; however, we were only a handful of employees shy of 20% participation. Those employees who participated walked away having learned their risk of diabetes, as well as some healthy lifestyle tips.

What is Next?

The better question might be who is next? The Diabetes Referral Network’s goal is to engage new worksites to host a worksite diabetes fair!  Whether you are a small business with only a dozen employees, a large business with a few hundred, or one that is in between, you can host a worksite fair!  Screening for diabetes is a part of the coalition’s mission and vision. They’re dedicated to connecting those who are managing their diabetes or pre-diabetes with local resources.

How can you get involved?

Our onsite diabetes prevention event by the Diabetes Referral Network is actually one of the many perks that comes with the Activate Buffalo County worksite wellness membership! You and all of your employees can benefit from this prevention event and many other perks offered by other businesses in our community by signing up to be a member. An annual membership through Activate Buffalo County can bring a number of worksite wellness rewards right to your office – just like a screening fair!

If you are interested in signing up for an Activate Buffalo County Membership, you can find more information here, or if you would like to set up a worksite fair at your business, you can email Kendra Hansen at wellness@bcchp.org!