Have you ever wondered why everyone says water is so important? Well, here are ten facts that may back up why water is essential for good health…



1. Drinking water helps rid your body of waste products. Fluids help push waste products through your organs more efficiently, helping to maintain normal bodily function. This occurs through such processes as urination and perspiration.


2. Water makes up 55-78% of our body weight.


3. Water is calorie free! Replacing sugary, calorie dense drinks with water is beneficial because water does not pack on the pounds or contain any sugar!


4. Muscle fatigue can occur if the body is not well hydrated. Water helps hydrate muscle cells with the fluid and electrolytes necessary to prevent fatigue while being active. This is why it is important to hydrate while exercising!


5. The average American uses more water flushing the toilet each day than they do by showering or any other activity. Water is vital for good sanitation.



6. Water helps lubricate and cushion joints by sending fluid to the joints to help prevent discomfort.


7. Your body has its own “self alert system” when you start to become dehydrated. Why else do you think your body tells you that “you’re thirsty”? Water is essential for staying hydrated and preventing dehydration, which can be fatal if severe enough.


8. Our internal body temperature is 98.6 degrees, which can increase or decrease. In a situation where you’re body temp reaches high temperatures, water helps cool the body through perspiration. It is important to replenish this water lost after perspiration, as well.


9. The nutrients that you eat are transported by cells which require water to be transported. Water helps transport these nutrients to the appropriate location within the body.


10. The human brain consists of about 90% of water. WIthout adequate amounts of water each day, your brain will not function properly!


Water has numerous benefits that promote good health. Choose water!

drinking water