April is Move More Month and there are so many reasons to get active and move more this month (and every month).

We have all been itching for the warmer weather, sunshine, and longer days. Spring is now officially here and April is the first full month of it- are you ready to move more this month? After a few long harsh cold months of winter, we are eager to get outside, soak up the rays, and get active! There are so many benefits to increasing your physical activity levels. Here are six just to get started!

  1. Exercise controls your weight
  2. It combats health conditions and diseases.
  3. It improves mood
  4. Boost your energy
  5. Promotes better sleep
  6. Exercise can be fun AND social

The American Heart Association is promoting Move More Month and encouraging everyone to move more and commit to being physically active.  They even provide a complete toolkit for you filled with materials, how-to information and you can customize it to your location! They offer tool-kits for workplaces, schools, individuals, and communities. Their website is full of simple and easy resources for you to take advantage of. They even offer a “7-minute workout at work”! There really should be no excuse for not moving more (even at work) this month.

Activate Buffalo County also has great opportunities underway to get active in the month of April! Keep your eyes out for our annual Healthy Families Week of events. This year we are promoting 9 days of events happening right here in Buffalo County! Those events will take place from April 20 through April 28. This is a great opportunity for you and your family to get active in your community and move more. There will even be a fun challenge for your family to enter to win a prize package. We’ll share those details soon!

The bottom line is, there are so many reasons to move more and plenty of resources available to help you do so. Exercise is a crucial part of living a healthy lifestyle and having a healthy workforce too.

So, gear up, move more and make it count this month!