Your active workplace doesn’t have to be confined inside the four walls of your office building. You can maximize your focus on physical activity by getting active in your community.

As you search for community events for your workforce to be part of, you’ll be surprised at how many involve some element of physical activity. Not only that, but you’ll also have the opportunity to give back to the community your business serves by supporting local organizations.

Being active in your community—and encouraging your workforce to do the same—is worth your time in so many ways:

  • It helps your business connect with and support local organizations
  • It can provide new opportunities for your company to grow
  • It strengthens your ties with other organizations
  • It provides an opportunity for physical and mental wellness for your workforce

All of these help the public have a positive relationship with your business and help you show support for your workforce.

Getting Active In Buffalo County

Summer is packed with community events no matter where you live! Here in Buffalo County, many of our smaller communities have summer festivals and celebrations (think Annevar in Ravenna or Old Settlers in Pleasanton).

There are also a variety of smaller events that happen every year. Keep your eyes peeled and be creative! Everything from sidewalk sales to volleyball tournaments to free concerts in the park can be a great way to get active in your own neighborhood.

The Buffalo County Fair

Our county-wide summer celebration is just around the corner, too. That’s right, the Buffalo County Fair starts next week on Wednesday, July 26th. Here’s the schedule of events if you haven’t seen it yet. Encourage your employees to take a look at that schedule and see where they might like to get active during fair week.

Move Your Body

There are lots of simple opportunities for exercise at the county fair. Simply walking around from exhibit to exhibit is a great way to get moving. Some exhibits are even interactive, so you can jump right in!

It might seem surprising, but riding carnival rides can also be a great form of “exercise.” When your heart rate increases and the adrenaline starts pumping, your body is working harder and burning more calories than you might think.

Support a Local Cause

The fair provides a great opportunity for local organizations to showcase their work and garner support from the community. You and your workforce can plug right into their efforts.

This year, the Buffalo County Fair begins with a great kick-off event on Wednesday, July 26th. Our local food pantry is hosting the “Drive Out Hunger” food drive. The food collected will benefit the Buffalo County Food Pantry. Find more details here.

There is also one day dubbed Special Needs Day at the fair. Check out the exhibits on Friday, July 28th that are geared towards children and adults with developmental and/or physical disabilities. Bingo is also a popular event each night of the fair, and is hosted by the Kearney Volunteer Fire Department.

The Buffalo County fair runs from Wednesday, July 26th to Monday, July 31st at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds in Kearney. Encourage your workforce to get out and get active in their community sometime that week.

It’s important to stay up to date on community events all year long. Not only are community events a great opportunity for some added physical activity, but they can be a great way for you and your business to invest in your community!