Hi everyone!

My name is Shelby Zimmerman, the new intern with Buffalo County Community Partners! I’ll be working closely with Holden on the Activate Buffalo County coalition and I couldn’t be more excited! Let me tell you a little bit about myself to explain how I got involved with Community Partners.

This is me showing my pig Buddy. He was like a pet… if you can believe that.

I grew up on a farm in southeast Nebraska, where I learned the importance of getting up around 7am and never taking naps to make sure that all of the work got done for the day. I’ve shown livestock (mainly pigs) since I was 3 years old. It has actually taken me all over the country, such as Kentucky and California!

I’m also a dog lover! I have a 2 year old ten-inch beagle named Libby Loo! She’s such a cutie… but she also loves those rabbits! Mom and Dad get the pleasure of her company while I’m away at school. 🙂


This is Libby in her ‘begging’ position.

I went to Tri County High School, which is literally in the middle of a cornfield. I was very active in school, with sports, FFA, Honor Society, and many other activities. Basketball was always my favorite, which is why I chose to play the sport in college.

I play basketball for the University of Nebraska Kearney.


This is me shooting a free-throw against Chadron State College.

I am now a Senior at UNK (YAY!), majoring in Exercise Science with minors in Public Health and Coaching. Actually, a year and a half ago, I was accepted into the Public Health Masters Program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, where I will attend after my graduation from UNK to get my MPH in Public Health! I’m super excited! The reason I became so interested in the health field was because of my own health issues that I discovered as a freshman in high school when I was labeled “Adrenaline-Induced Diabetic.” For me to continue with my sports and activities, I had to change my diet and activity habits.


After seeing the benefits of a proper diet and physical activity, I decided that I wanted to help others experience it as well. So, I contacted Buffalo County Community Partners about a possible summer internship and their welcoming attitude sold me! I can’t wait to see what this summer has in store for me working with Activate Buffalo County and Buffalo County Community Partners! Look out Buffalo County, because I’m going to make a difference! 🙂

libby and i