Playdates, swimming pools, trips to the park and late nights catching lightning bugs; your kiddos are on the go-go-go! But what we most often forget is that this can lead to overexertion and dehydration much faster for them. Their busy little bodies are always going and speeding on to the next fun thing planned. They’re mind isn’t exactly focused on their hydration needs.

This is where you come in. Whether you are the parent(s), big brother or sister, babysitter, grandparent, aunt or uncle it is up to us to keep their little bodies fueled and healthy to keep them running with no harm done. Before you send the kids out to play, swim, or any other activity have them drink plenty of water to fuel them up.

It is your job to then serve as their reminder and gas light so to speak and make them come in for a pit stop. About every 20 minutes have the group take a water break and refuel. This will help them to play longer without overexerting their bodies.

Now, if your little one is not so little anymore and they are entering a much higher level of play such as club sports or little leagues, this is when you can rotate in a sports drink and water. Just keep in mind when purchasing those sports drinks that some are packed with just as much sugar as sweet drinks. Be mindful and still keep water as their main source of hydration.

The most harmful drinks to children when speaking in terms of hydration are caffeinated drinks. The caffeine and sugars can cause dehydration much faster and cause them to crash. Steer clear from giving their little bodies caffeine to prevent rapid dehydration. The most common signs of dehydration in children are fatigue, dizziness and headaches.

Again, it is your role to look out for yourself and your young ones this summer, but before we go we’ll leave you with another helpful tip- water isn’t only found in bottles! That’s right, you can fill up on water by eating the right fruits and vegetables this summer too. So if they aren’t feeling the 4th bottle of water, sneak it in by giving them a bowl of grapes, watermelon, or cucumbers. They won’t try getting out of eating those tasty (water packed) snacks!