It is officially time to take part in something that is utterly refreshing! Also a bit sweet, tangy, and delicious.

Take a minute to stop and refresh with us!

Depending on who you are, that could mean a lot of things:

  • Take time to stop and smell the roses
  • Physically take a rest
  • Rehydrate with an ice-cold cup of lemonade
  • Jam out to your favorite tunes, or
  • Anything that helps renew your mind and body.

Here at Buffalo County Community Partners we are all for taking that time to refresh!

On June 1st we officially kicked off our annual campaign. This year we are focusing on refreshing our communities’ mental and physical wellness. We all know that each are equally important in staying healthy. Our goal? A healthy community that we all can proudly be a part of!

Why is it so important to take action on both your mental and physical health?

Well, both work hand in hand to help you stay as healthy as possible! We will admit, we know that some days it’s harder than others to be on top of not just one, but both of these components.

To ensure we are supporting and building a healthier community, Buffalo County Community Partners has taken on the role first hand to help support everyone in our community! We want to be a place where support systems are built to tackle these things together.

Our partners are passionate about expressing the importance of refreshing our mental health and physical wellness. We’ve got a variety of local supporters on board. They’re ready to take action this year and really make an impact in the community.

And that includes our campaign family!

This year’s campaign family Mat and Grace Mims are devoted to sharing the role of helping cultivate a healthier community, together! The Mims are a reflection of our community’s strength around mental health.

Individually, they have served a variety of leadership roles for Community Partners since they arrived in our community. We also enjoyed time with their son, Griffin, as a high school intern in our office and Buffalo County Youth Advisory Board Member.

You can help us too! Buy that ice-cold cup of lemonade to refresh your community’s mental health and physical wellness. Then come enjoy your refreshment at our Annual Block Party on June 25th. Your investment is not only for your health, but also for our health!

You can buy your lemonade beforehand by clicking here. Or you can stop by our actual lemonade stand at the block party later this month. We hope to see you there!