Taking the time to engage in physical activity is one of the best steps to living a healthy and active lifestyle. Your first step doesn’t have to be spending tons of money on the latest and greatest running, walking or cycling gear.

Take time this week to begin your journey of living a healthy and active lifestyle. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A pair of tennis shoes
  • A plan: how far, how long, where, etc.
  • Suitable clothing to stay warm or cool, depending on our beautiful Nebraska weather!
  • A buddy (not required, but it sure makes the time and miles fly by faster!)

Another great tool for those who have access to the Internet is Gmaps Pedometer. Like I said before, you don’t have to buy expensive gadgets to get started. Gmaps Pedometer is  free, and by entering your route, you will know exactly how far you went.

Some people like to start with a certain number of minutes, and then set a goal to add minutes over time. This only requires knowing the time before you stop and when you get done.

As mentioned above, a buddy can be a great tool for kick-starting your active lifestyle. In a friend you have accountability because it’s easier to convince yourself NOT to be active than it is to disappoint your friend, and it’s a lot of fun to go for a walk and catch up with a friend.

Whether you’re flying solo or grabbing a friend, coworker, spouse, etc., get out there! Start today on your path to living a healthy, active lifestyle!

Photo of Megan Bebb Megan Bebb is the coalition coordinator for Activate Buffalo County. Her favorite ways to live a healthy and active lifestyle include hiking and camping, playing softball and eating grilled vegetables.