Who likes making healthy choices on the holidays? A little Christmas cookie at this meeting, donuts for the next meeting, your neighbor brings you a pie; all these treats that come to us unexpectedly. We have to be polite and accept the holiday treats right? If we do not set some kind of boundaries, before you know it you have consumed all your calories for the day in sugar , which does not even fuel your body. A great tip for the holiday is MODERATION and PLANNING.


Moderation is a hard word to tackle though. Because in the moment, everything seems moderate! I encourage you to think of your holiday events and decide Before they get here what your boundaries are going to be. That is where the planning comes in!


If you think of the month of December as a whole. then it becomes easier to plan your lighten up plan and stick to it. Everyone is different in what lighten up during the holidays means. Maybe to you it means no sweets at all. Maybe it means sweets one time a week. Maybe you have one bite at every party. The best thing is to make a master plan. I will give you an example and then adjust yours accordingly.


The holiday season brings some sweets into the office during the weeks leading up to Christmas. I am pretty sure that at all of my meetings there will be sweets.


In order to keep myself on track I am cutting out all desert or sweet afternoon snacks in my routine this month. I normally let myself eat one sweet every day. This keeps me from eating a whole bag of Oreos on a Friday night. I make this rule for myself and write it down, somewhere I will see it everyday. If I have a sweet at the office in the morning I know I do not get to eat one later. This keeps me on track.

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My note to myself everyday!

Making my plan this way I do not miss out in taking part of celebrating with my coworkers, but I also stick to my usual routine. (Just changing up the timing) Never feel it is rude to explain to someone why you aren’t eating their cookies if you need to abstain from partaking in the goodness. Some people will give your grief, but go back and look at your rule written down and you will feel much better in the end for not cheating.

Always easier to work with a little cupcake!

Staff meetings are always better with a little cupcake!

So an easy way to keep yourself “light” on the holidays is planning.

  • Decide what your boundaries will be before any “activities” happen.
  • Write down your rules for holiday snacking and eating and put them where you will see them everyday.
  • Tell a friend about your plan and ask them to keep you accountable to it. It helps when you know you will have to report to someone about your food choices!

Remember to enjoy your holidays! Planning may sound like a lot of work, but if you have a plan to let yourself enjoy the holidays in moderation you might find you enjoy yourself even more. You will really enjoy yourself when you do not accept any extra holiday calories!


Merry Christmas!