It may be hard to tell by the weather, but the seasons are changing. It’s a new month, so that means a new challenge!


Our challenge for May is to ride your bike to school or work. You’ll save money on gas, get some exercise, and (did you know?) it’s often faster to bike to school/work. No traffic, just your feet on the pedals, an open road, and a freeing breeze.


We mentioned Wellness Wednesdays for Kearney Public School families in a previous post, and that would be the prefect way to complete this challenge (you could win our prize, plus their prize! Two prizes for riding you bike to school???).


So, ditch the car and hop on that bike. Take a morning to enjoy your route to work and share the results with us. Tweet @ us, Facebook us, share a photo or comment below, and you’ll be entered to win this sweet prize pack from Kearney Park & Recreation.

13-4 KPR


Stay tuned to see how my ride to work goes next week!