fireworks-102971_1280New Years.

New Opportunities.

New Slate.

New You.

When I was given my blog assignment this one was by far the one I was most looking forward to writing! I LOVE New Years. Something about all the possibilities that are just waiting for you to take them and all the opportunities you will have to the chance to say ‘YES’ to. I am not a huge resolution setter, but I always start the New Year with one goal: Make this year better than last year. The way I have found this possible is so cliché and Hollywood used (I am almost embarrassed to write it down) but by saying YES.


This last year almost all of the most rewarding things I have accomplished put me out of my comfort zone and required me to make the choice to go forward anyways.  The thought of going out for my high school speech team not only made me sick to my stomach but kept me awake at night with every possible scenario of public humiliation in front of wildly important people. I went out anyways. After a few tears of stress, my mother begging me to find someone else to practice in front of (she probably only heard it 487 times), and the purchase of a new pant suit, I placed fourth at the state tournament. Don’t get me wrong, I still freak out at the thought of speaking in front of people and can expect tears in the upcoming season, but I am so glad I made the choice to try a new activity that might make me uncomfortable but be worth it in the end.


We all have things we want to accomplish, maybe getting in shape or making more time for the things we enjoy, we just need to figure out how to make it possible then say yes and make it happen. When life gets in the way it is so hard to keep at our goals, but the end results are what have to fuel our flame.