It’s been one week without pop, and I am feeling pretty good. It hasn’t been too hard, but there were a few rough mornings (I am simply not a morning person) where I had the urge to stop and grab an energy drink. It was hard, but I persevered and managed to get through the morning with only water.

Just water this morning!

Just water this morning!

Having a small breakfast helps–I try to never miss the most important meal of the day. Just a little snack will give you an energy boost, and once you get going, the day kind of takes you away.


I’ve seen hard-core pop drinkers try to quit cold turkey, and usually it involves headaches, irritability, grogginess, and the works, pretty much every symptom of withdrawl. I haven’t noticed any of that. Some mornings I’m a little cranky, but that could just be because it’s 8 in the morning and I’m awake!


For anyone struggling with kicking the habit, there’s actually a pretty cool site called Quitting Soda with lots of information and tips to help you along the way. A Google search will bring you to plenty of sites, forums, groups, and more, that can help you.


Current weight: 181 lbs.

Mood: Getting better as lunch gets closer!

Energy level: Was a little low, but my workload is keeping me on my toes!

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