Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy YOU! Wellness is not just about being physically active, eating nutritious meals, and staying free from illness—your mental health is a huge factor in your overall health too.

Here at Buffalo County Community Partners we are promoting both physical and mental wellness in all we do this year. We recognize that both forms are a crucial part of being the healthiest we can be. The month of September is dedicated to promoting suicide prevention and awareness, and mental health! So we thought we would share with you some of our favorite ways to promote mental wellness in the workplace.

What are the benefits?

First, there have to be benefits for you to even consider promoting this right? Your employees’ mental health is key to their productivity, overall performance, and engagement!

As a leader, you want what is best for your team. Leading by example can be a tactic of promotion in and of itself. Be sure to have honest conversations with your employees about managing your mental health and encourage them to make theirs a priority. There are many ways to incorporate mental wellness into your workplace for everyone.

How to Encourage Mental Wellness

Here at our office, we encourage mental wellness and mindfulness day in and day out. We have purchased an array of fidget items that we keep on our conference table. These are linked to helping promote active minds and productivity during meetings!

We also keep a coloring book and crayons on deck, which is another tool to provide employees with a chance to take a break from their day and practice mindfulness. Luckily, our wellness coordinator made sure this was included in our worksite wellness program. This we even had a coloring challenge and the winner can earn extra points towards their annual wellness goal. It can be as simple as having monthly wellness challenges in your workplace to engage your employees.

Our behavioral health coordinator also created these welcome signs that help signal when a coworker is taking a few moments to be mindful in their office.

Finally, our entire staff spent the last hour of a workday putting together our very own mindfulness/calming jars! These are one of our favorites as we each were able to create our own and keep them handy on our desk for those moments we need to de-stress. You can find the directions here.

The Takeaway

You know your team best, and that is why there is no set promotion plan, checklist, or even a perfect program out there for incorporating mental wellness in the workplace. You have the power to try out different strategies, challenges and activities to find the ones that work best for your employees. However, it all starts with promoting and encouraging healthier minds. Let us know what your office does to promote mental wellness!