water-38154_1280All summer, the radio plays “Refresh with an ice cold Coca-Cola” ads and grocery stores have half-priced Fantas for those getaway lake weekends, and I’ll admit I fell for every one of them. When I spent time outside in the sun and started to lose my energy, I would immediately turn to a soda or sports drinks as a pick-me-up! The energy these drinks provided always burnt out fast and left me more tired than before. I started paying attention to the labels on these beverages only to realize they are filled with empty calories and almost zero nutrition. Even juices or other “healthy” drinks are loaded with extra sugar and contribute to obesity and other chronic diseases!

The best drink choice of the summer is water! Even infused water helps keep you hydrated with just a little more flavor and excitement. I know it’s nearly impossible to completely cut all sugary beverages out of your life (and what fun would that be?!), but choosing water the majority of time will make a difference in not only the way you feel, but the way your body performs.


After my latest kayaking trip (where I chose 3 bottles of water over the soda option), I noticed I was not as sore and my sunburn did not last as long as it usually does! In fact, I had enough energy that night to go for a short jog with my sister and our dog. I hit the sheets by 9:00 that night and slept like an angel until 9:30 the next morning, but I woke with minor aches and enough enthusiasm to carry me through the day!