fruits and veggies rainbow

It’s the weekend! But we can’t relax on our Daily Challenge, we have our 13th challenge to share! 

#13: Why are we so drawn to candy and junk food? Because it’s pretty! Skittles tell us we can “taste the rainbow” and we’ve bought into it. The more attractive our food is, the more likely we are to actually eat it. Well the good news is that Skittles don’t have a monopoly on the rainbow, and healthy foods can be just as attractive and pretty! In fact, a salad can be one of the prettiest foods we eat, and there are soooo many things you can do and add to amp up the appeal of your salad. Add vegetables like black beans, sliced red bell peppers, shredded radishes or watercress to increase the “wow” factor of your salad. And don’t rule out fruit either! Mandarin orange slices on top of the bright green spinach leaves is just as bright and attractive as any junk food. So go ahead, add something new and colorful to your salad today. Taste the rainbow; your body will thank you!