Safe Routes Nebraska‘s Walk to School Day is coming up, and it’s going to be a great way to UNPLUG and get some exercise while taking a fun stroll to school! Kids, tell your parents. Parents, get your kids ready.

Photo from the 2012 Spring Walk to School Day in Maxey, Nebraska. Let's get a huge turnout for Kearney!

Photo from the 2012 Spring Walk to School Day in Maxey, Nebraska. Let’s get a huge turnout for Kearney! (Photo courtesy of Safe Routes Nebraska.)

Parents, the Safe Routes website has tons of helpful info and resources, like this guide to teaching your kids safety. Use these resources to make sure your child’s walk to school is fun AND safe!


Kids, here is a cool “Get To School (And Back Again)” Safety Game. Some of the questions are tricky, but if you read our “Serious About Safety” blog post, you’ll be walking all over that game board and ready to walk to school on Wednesday, April 17.

Wellness Wednesdays

For Kearney Public School students, there’s also the awesome Wellness Wednesdays program. Students who walk to school on a Wednesday can fill out a slip and drop it off at their school for a chance to win a new bike for the summer. The more Wednesdays you walk, the more slips you’ll have, and the better the chance that you’ll be cruising around on a new bike this summer!


Get your Wellness Wednesdays forms here.


Check out the Kearney Public Schools Wellness Program on Facebook.