New Year, new fitness goals- right? We are one month into the New Year and so many of us are working hard at our new fitness goals. But sometimes, the freezing cold, wind, snow and ice do find their way to interrupt our workout routine. As we are working towards a healthier lifestyle, staying fit and healthy through the winter can be a challenge.

Our goal at Activate Buffalo County is to help create a community where active and healthy choices are a priority and the healthy choice is the easy choice!  As we all know regular physical activity is crucial to staying healthy and it starts with a choice to stay active in the winter.  While the weather may work against you most days, especially here in Nebraska (where the cold can be bitter and never-ending at times), there are simple choices you can make to adjust your fitness routine through the winter.

We’ve found a short list of quick and easy tips to help keep you moving through the winter months. You can find the full list with examples here

  1. Fit physical activity into your daily routine
  2. Look for ways to be active indoors
  3. Brave the elements
  4. Find group activities
  5. Get outside when it is warm
  6. Be Safe

Need places located here in Kearney to get active during the winter? When it’s just too cold, head over to Hilltop Mall and sneak in a few extra laps while you shop or before the mall opens for the day to get those steps! The Viaero Event Center also provides a great indoor walking location too. But maybe the sun is shining and it is nearly 50 degrees- so get out and get active on our beautiful trail system! Here is a link to the map of all of Kearney’s Trails. Don’t forget, Yanney Heritage Park also provides a great walking path to enjoy on those days of sunshine too!

Now, whether you are finding time to take a lap around your office building, going for a short run when the sun is shining during your lunch hour, joining a gym, or accepting the challenge of the winter cold- get active!

Share with us! What are your favorite winter fitness activities? How do you fit physical activity into your daily routine? We’d love to hear from you!