Participants in the DietBet get an email each day with a “Daily Carrot” that’s meant to keep them motivated. I’m going to share my carrots with you to give you a feel for how awesome this game is, and maybe to get you motivated to Unplug and Be Active!


Today’s carrot is to share a before photo with the world (and myself) and commit to replacing it by the end of the game. So, here’s my before photo:

I wore a medium-sized shirt in my before photo to make my goal areas really stand out!

I wore a medium-sized shirt in my before photo to make my goal areas really stand out!

My weigh-in weight was a little higher than I had expected. I came in at 191.5 lbs., meaning I have to lose 7.7 pounds and get to 183.8 by July 4th. To be honest, I was expecting to weigh around 185 (and even that is a little heavier than I’d like to be) so when I saw I was several pounds over that, it gave me some motivation to get to work.


To be honest, I’m kind of lazy. I like being outdoors and going for bike rides, but never anything too intense. If the couch is so comfortable why should I ever leave? To combat this, I’m using several tools to keep me on track.

National Bike Challenge

I’m leading the Activate Buffalo County team in the National Bike Challenge, and I have to say it is really rewarding to log my miles. I’m shooting for a minimum of 4-5 miles per day, and trying not to miss any days. I was off to a slow start because May wasn’t the greatest and I kept having to fix things on my bike. Now, I’m in the swing of things, and I don’t want to end my streak!

My Fitness Pal

I’ve been using My Fitness Pal to track my calories, both the ones I eat and the ones I burn, with this awesome app. Almost any food I’ve searched for was in there, making it really simple to log what I eat. Plus, having it right there on my phone means I don’t ever miss an entry. It’s gotten really interesting to see what I have to do to burn away calories, and what changes I can make to ensure I don’t blow my daily allowance on one meal!


The combination of these three things has helped keep me motivated and staying on top of my diet and exercise every day. I highly recommend finding challenges and apps that fit your lifestyle and interests to help you Unplug, Be Active, ReThink Your Drink, and Lighten Up!


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