Today’s DietBet is about the new world of diet and weight-loss advice thanks to the internet, apps, and other technological advances. You don’t have to be a celebrity to have personal trainers and nutritionists on staff. You can just google your questions and have apps analyze your eating habits.


I’ve spoken about the apps I use to monitor my eating and exercise habits, so I won’t plug those ones again. I do want to encourage you to look into health apps in the iTunes App Store or on Google Play. Like everything else, there isn’t an app for everyone. You could do better with Couch-to-5k, while I like Endomondo. Lose It! might be easier for you to manage than MyFitnessPal.

This little guy may be your ticket to better health!

This little guy may be your ticket to better health!

And it’s not just apps to get you going. There are tons of fitness bands and health monitors like the FitBit Flex or the Basis B1 band or the Jawbone UP. These little guys track your heart rate, steps taken, and all kinds of other stuff (I’m still waiting for one with GPS, though).


There are also online nutritionists who will Skype with you. A quick google search will bring up thousands of them (though I’ve never used one myself, and can’t vouch for their effectiveness or medical soundness). The same goes for online personal trainers.


If you’re reading this, that means you already look for some health and wellness information on the internet. It’s great what technology can do for us, and I’m excited to see what nanotechnology will bring to the table in the coming years. Imagine a fitness tracker made of cells inside your body. You can’t get any better data than that!


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