Today’s DietBet tip is to use their “Quick Update” feature to save typing time. Instead of typing, “I went to the gym”, you can select that pre-written post and say it with one click.¬†Kind of a silly tip. It is day 20, though, so they’re probably running out of carrot ideas, which leads me to the topic I want to discuss: burnout.


After a couple weeks of depriving yourself of your normal pleasures, whether that’s pop, candy, fatty foods, TV marathons, or whatever, it can get harder and harder to stay motivated. You get worn down by exercising every single day, too. It’s easy to slip back into bad habits if you don’t take a break every now and then and do something for yourself. You’ll start to resent yourself and your new choices, and the likelihood of succeeding will diminish.

I’m Gonna Let You in on a Little Secret

Here are some words of advice from one of the greatest TV characters of all time, FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper.

Give yourself a present. If you’ve done solid work in breaking a habit, do something you want to do, something for yourself, as a reward. If you’re ever going to get to day 100, you’ll have to stop and rest a few times along the way. This is especially true with exercise. If you go hard every day, you will hurt yourself. Take a breather once or twice a week to avoid physical (and mental) anguish.


You do have to be careful, though. I wouldn’t recommend treating yourself with a carton of chocolate ice cream if chocolate ice cream is your ultimate weakness. Everything in moderation.


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