Today’s DietBet daily carrot is to think about the prize that awaits me if I win. One of the great things about this program is that it offers a tangible prize. For many people “feeling and looking better” are huge motivators, but they’re so abstract it’s easy to lose focus of them (I know I can’t get pumped up by imagining myself five years down the road). If you’re struggling to envision the end of your diet/fitness revolution, maybe joining a rewards-based program would help give you the incentive you need to succeed.

What's your "carrot at the end of the stick"?

What’s your “carrot at the end of the stick”?

If you can’t find people to challenge you in a DietBet competition, there are tons of new and emerging rewards-based exercise programs out there. For example, with Earndit, you use an app to track your exercise and money you earn is donated to a charity of your choice. A similar tool is Switch2Health.


You can search for apps, programs, and more online, or set up your own system, where you reward yourself after exercising X amount of days in a row.


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