Today’s “daily carrot” is to reflect on how things have gone over the course of the DietBet. As the end of the competition nears, it’s nice to take time and see where I am with my goal and think about what’s worked.


I also recommend doing this on your journey. A few weeks in, reflect on how things are going. Is there a problem food you just can’t give up? Are there better exercises you could be doing? Is there a program in Buffalo County that offers the type of exercise program you’re looking for?


Overall, I’ve done a great job of tracking my calories (using apps makes it super easy), but there were a few days when I just didn’t get around to it. Is there a better way for me to track calories so I can avoid this? Maybe set up a time each day that’s dedicated to updating my apps.


My exercise has declined a little, mainly because I’ve been having problems with my bike–several tube replacements, a broken chain, and other minor issues tapped me and my budget out at the end of last month. I’m back on track, though, and things are going well on that front. The days I couldn’t ride, I at least went on a nice walk.


Overall, I’ve already made an effort to tailor my exercise and eating changes to my lifestyle, and set reasonable goals for myself. It’s always good to reflect, though, and see what you can improve in your strategy. Making changes will help you fine-tune your plan, not only making it easier to stick to, but making it more effective for you.


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