The DietBet weigh-in is only one day away, and I’m proud to say I have lost more than my goal. To win the DietBet, I had to lose 4% of my body weight, which was 7.6 lbs. Currently I have dropped from 191.5 to 182, which is a change of 9.5 lbs. My overall goal is to get to 160, which is right at the top of the “normal” range for someone my height, but that will take a while and lots of changes in my lifestyle. No more gummies when I go to the movies. No more energy drinks. More cycling. More dog walks. More fruits and vegetables.


Overall, I’m excited to be doing so well, and I’m really glad I joined the Sweet Success DietBet. I’ve been meaning to take control of my health, but I needed a push to get started, and this was the perfect way to initiate Operation T-shirt (where I can fit into all my favorite t-shirts again). I really recommend getting some friends together and challenging them, or jumping into one the games someone else is hosting.


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