Today’s carrot is to download the DietBet iPhone app. It looks like it does a lot of cool stuff, but I happen to be an Android man, so it isn’t available for me. Instead, I’m using a combo of awesome apps to help stay on track. I really recommend trying these out because they make tracking your diet and exercise way easier, and they give you hard data you can use to shape your lifestyle and take control.


The first app I’m using is My Fitness Pal (click to view my profile). I’ve been using this to track my daily calorie intake for a while, but I just recently started tracking how many calories I burn each day and logging my weight more often. This has totally opened my eyes to how much work it takes to burn calories, and made me realize how much extra fuel I was consuming each day. I highly recommend logging your calories for at least a week to get an idea of what you’re using, losing, and packing on. The really nice thing about this app is you can search for almost anything and the details are all there. Type in “Morning Star Buffalo Chicken Patties” and it pops up with all the nutrition info like calories, carbs, fat, protein, sodium, and sugar. You just click it and add it to your diary.

mzl.udxqwsvo.175x175-75I’m also using the Endomondo app to log my exercise and bike mileage. This app is truly amazing. You can choose from tons of different workouts like running, biking, skating, snowboarding, football, golfing, and on and on. When you start your workout, you just hit “play” and it logs your distance, average speed, top speed, calories burned, hydration needs and much more. If you’ve joined our team in the National Bike Challenge, it also automatically logs your miles. It can also log your trips using GPS and map them out for you, making it really easy to look back on where you rode and plan the next ride. Take a look at this ride my wife and I went on:

What’s really cool is that you can link the My Fitness Pal and Endomondo apps to communicate with each other, so your exercise, weight, and so on is automatically tracked for you. You just open the screen and look at your results. Of course, some people might be wary of sharing all this information with the world, but you have the option to lock everything down so only you can view it. I am sharing updates from both apps on Twitter and Facebook, and sharing all my exercises, but my food diary is still private. You can tailor your sharing settings however you want and only share enough to get your friends to cheer you on, or only enough to motivate yourself.

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