Today’s DietBet carrot is to share an exercise tip. Changing your diet isn’t the only step to being healthy. Exercise is just as important. So what’s my exercise tip?


Figure out what works for you.


I know people who love hitting the gym. The atmosphere gets them pumped up to exercise, and they spend hours lifting weights, running on treadmills, and doing other gym stuff. I hate the gym, though. I don’t know how to use half the equipment in there so I just wander around awkwardly.


Many of my friends play sports. A pick-up game of basketball. Some friendly touch football. You get to socialize and hang with your buds, plus you stay fit while you’re doing it. I’m just not a fan of rules, or competition, or sports (except for badminton, if that counts). I’ve never gotten into sports in any capacity, so those aren’t really my thing.


I know, this post is off to a negative start. Sorry! I’m not saying these aren’t good exercise methods–in fact, they’re great ones. But just because something works, that doesn’t mean it works for everyone. If I tried forcing myself to exercise these ways, it wouldn’t stick. I’d give up, get bored, move on. Finding an engaging, fun exercise routine that you love and want to do is the only way you’ll stick with it forever.


I love biking. I love hiking and walking through nature. I love chasing my dog around the park. I love indo boarding. So those are the things I do. Not because I have to force myself to exercise every day, but because I enjoy doing them, and that’s how I end up exercising every day.


My tip is to find a physical activity you enjoy and would keep doing even if you didn’t have “exercise” on your mind.

Indo boarding is a great mix of cardio and balance training. Plus, it's awesome and fun to do!

Indo boarding is a great mix of cardio and balance training. Plus, it’s awesome and fun to do!

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