The daily carrot for today is to consider donating a portion of your winnings to a charity. Knowing you’re fighting for a good cause can energize you and keep you focused to succeed.


I had already decided to spend all my winnings on a community art project my wife and I have been working on (when we have time) called Infinite Art. We’re not a registered non-profit or anything, and we’re not giving the money to anyone, so perhaps some wouldn’t think of it as a “charity”. We think art is so important, though, and what we are giving people is an outlet for expression and creativity, an opportunity to engage our culture and community, and a chance to have fun. Plus, we’ll be giving out canvases and other art supplies, which is what most of the money will go towards.


Maybe I should explain what Infinite Art is. It’s sort of like the game telephone, where you pass a message around through a group of people and see how it has changed when the last person reveals what they heard. Instead, you paint something. Share your photo with us. Pass your painting on to someone. They paint something. Share the photo with us. And pass it on. Infinitely. The fun part is seeing how other people interpreted your painting. Did they add to it? And if they did, is it in the context you imagined? Or, did they completely alter it? Did they go as far as to erase the canvas and start an entirely new painting? It’s a really fun concept, and we’re working to get more people involved so we will have more mutations to follow.


The goal is to show people that anyone can be an artist and enjoy painting. We also want people to interact and engage one another. As the painting moves along, you may know the first few people who change it, but do you know the fifth, sixth, and so on? In the future, we also want to host community events where people paint for set amounts of time and trade canvases, so we can see what their work becomes after an hour of retouching. We really want to do this with young kids, possibly as a supplemental program where art has been cut.


But back to the DietBet: you can see how I could go on about this project. I’m very passionate about it, so the chance to get some resources for it is a really great motivator for me. If you have a passion in life, or a cause you’re fighting for, linking it to what you’re doing to stay healthy is an awesome way to stay focused. You can put money in a jar for every step you take or mile you run and donate that money at the end of each month. You could wear a t-shirt promoting your cause every time you bike or jog. Check into foundations related to your cause and see if they have programs or events you can participate in. I’l be doing the Alzheimer’s Walk in September because I have experienced Alzheimer’s and dementia firsthand in family members and that is a topic that energizes me.


Find your cause and work it into your workout if you need some extra motivation.


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