If you’re wondering why I haven’t updated my DietBet diary, it’s because we’ve been super busy planning our Community Building Block Parties. While I may have slipped on my duties a little bit, I haven’t messed up my healthy eating and exercising. In fact, I’ve already ridden 32 miles this week and I plan on riding tonight. Let’s take a look at the daily carrots I’ve been getting over the past few days.

Like and Be Liked

They have awards for MVP, most-liked comment, most-liked player, and most generous liker. DietBet is serious business since it’s about your health and well-being, but no one’s playing it like a serious competition. We’re here to cheer each other on and all cross the finish line together. No pushing or shoving. I went through and liked people’s comments and added a few cheers to get people excited. I’d also like to point out who the current MVP is . . . it’s me!

Thumbs up if you're having fun!

Thumbs up if you’re having fun!

Trigger Foods

They say certain foods can trigger eating impulses. I’ve never heard of that concept before, but I’m assuming they mean when I order a pizza and decide to eat the entire thing, even though I’ve probably had enough after a few slices. Same goes for Cheezits. I didn’t mean to eat half the box. It just sort of happened . . . I’ve done pretty well with cutting these things out of my diet, or making them healthier when I do eat them (like super awesome homemade cheeseless veggie pizza!).


Knowing when you’re full is a battle for most people I know. When you have a full plate in front of you it’s hard to say, “I’m not eating all of this”, but just think how good those leftovers will be for lunch tomorrow! This is something I’ve had to work on, and building willpower is a slow process, but it is possible.

Mushroom and garlic pizza with friends, on a homemade crust.

Mushroom and garlic pizza with friends, on a homemade crust.


This carrot is once again about cheering on your fellow DietBetters. Words of encouragement can be a great motivator. Let your family and friends know what you’re doing so they’ll root for you (or even join you!). One thing to avoid is the pressure, though. Some people recommend telling people about your goals because that social pressure will keep you from giving up. Putting stress and anxiety on yourself is no way to lose weight, stay fit, or live in general. Use positive energy to reach your goals. If you’re more comfortable trying something for 30 days to see if it sticks and then letting people know, go for it. Remember: what works for one person might not work for you, so don’t force yourself to do things their way.

I don't know what this is, but I would want it cheering me on.


Going on a 28-day diet and calling it good is a lot easier than completely changing your diet and exercise habits. Today’s carrot recommends finding current habits and piggybacking your changes on them. For example, if you hit the snack bar at 3:30 every day, make a healthy snack choice–like nuts, a low-sugar granola bar, or fruit. If you go shopping a lot, park further away from the store so you get in some extra steps.

Not only will you be forced to walk more, but you'll have fewer scratches on your car!

Not only will you be forced to walk more, but you’ll have fewer scratches on your car!

For the most part, I’ve only been cutting out the bad habits and keeping the good ones, but changing or substituting something is easier than going cold turkey. I love snacking during movies, so instead of chips, crackers, or (my favorite) gummies, I go with raspberries, grapes, or sunflower seeds (in the shell, that way it takes longer to eat them).

It’s 2013

DietBet recommends utilizing the amazing technology that’s out there to help track your diet and exercise habits. I realize many people still don’t have smart phones (I just got mine a few months ago and it’s not the smartest phone out there for sure), but if you do, I highly recommend using some of the tools that are out there. I’ve blogged about my favorites: MyFitnessPal and Endomondo, but there are TONS of apps that do amazing things. Find the ones you like and work for your habits and goals. I think the next thing I’m getting is the Basis B1 band, but that’s another story.

Only the coolest, most high-tech health tool of this generation!

Only the coolest, most high-tech health tool of this generation!

Well, I’m all caught up on my daily carrots. We’ve gotten a lot of great tips out of this, and plenty of words of encouragement. If you want to join the Sweet Success DietBet, there’s still time!

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