It’s 7:25 in the morning and you’re just walking out the door to make your morning commute to drop off the kiddos at daycare, and get to work by 8:00 am. It’s only the first week of June and by 7:30 it’s already 57 degrees. By high noon, it will climb 20 degrees more.

It is here where your choice to stay hydrated is made. Your body needs water, a fact we all know and have been preached to about for as long as one can remember. And when the summer rays we’ve all been waiting for finally come out to play, we sometimes find ourselves falling short of hydration. Dehydration is dangerous but most importantly preventable!

So… Before you walk out that door trailing your 3 adorable kids, make sure you’ve all had your first full glass of water. If the kids are going to be spending their day at daycare, pack them a water to-go as well. Keep a refillable bottle in their bag and it will serve as a reminder to them to keep drinking water and to their sitter to keep filling it up while they are at the pool, park or in the backyard under the sun.

Same goes for you, even if you’re the adult(s) in the family. We sometimes get so caught up in work and the hustle and bustle of the day we forget to drink throughout it. Remember to pack your Camelback, S’well, Contigo, or whatever your choice of bottle is and fill it up! It is just as important for you to stay hydrated too.

Again, drinking water is crucial for our bodies to stay healthy and in tip-top shape! Don’t cheat yourself or put your body at risk. If you are thirsty- DRINK! It is your body’s way of speaking up and asking to be refueled.

Please, don’t rain on summertime’s parade and miss out on the sunshine because you are not drinking enough water. Even when you are not spending long periods of time outside, the short timeframes spent in the intense heat soaks up your body’s hydration much faster than any other time. So keep reminding yourself and everyone around you to drink up- you won’t regret it!