Whether it is arm-day, leg-day, cardio-day or rest-day… every day should be water-day. According to Huffington Post, there is much more to keep track of than what day in the workout rotation you are on.

Begin by gradually training yourself to drink that H2O nonstop. The goal is to drink enough water initially to prevent thirst. Having the urge of Thirst is the signal your body is already lacking water and needs replenished ASAP. And when it comes to working out, you are sweating out even more water!

So when you plan your next workout session, make sure you have the correct amount of hydration planned too. Drink plenty of water the day prior, day of and especially the hour before and after your workout. This will ensure that you are keeping your body balanced with how much water is going in and how much is going out.


But, when is water not enough to replenish your body after a workout? For short duration (less than 60 minutes) and low-to-moderate exercise water is still the drink to get the job done! However, when your session starts to go beyond an hour, and reaches higher intensities is when water needs some backup. A sports drink with electrolytes is encouraged to be paired with water after the session. With losing so many electrolytes the sports drink will help replenish and restore carbs lost as well. Just make sure you sports drink is low on sugar. Too many “healthy” drinks are stocked piled with sugar. Make sure you read every label and pick out the one with the lowest sugar or no sugar content.

So keep in mind, whichever day is next on the list for your body, hydration needs to be every day.