Everybody has been dogging on the time change, however, I actually love it. What could be better than getting some ‘extra’ sunlight at night? I feel like now you have the extra motivation got get done those things you want to get done in your day

Spring has brought us some major warmth throughout our days. With temperatures climbing their way up into the mid 70’s. What better to do with the extra sunlight in our warm temperature day then get out and get some exercise!

I understand that the excitement one can have from finally being able to escape the crowded storage room or musty basement that is home to our treadmills. Or maybe you’re finding it harder and harder to drag yourself to the packed, indoor, smelly gym this far into the year; we get it. It’s warming up, the snow is melted and the sun is shining much longer! You can now run without numerous layers and get a workout in the late afternoon without losing sight of where you’re going.

Sisters Jogging

But with too much sun and high intensity workouts, comes increased risks as well. As the temperatures keep rising, keep these tips from the American Heart Association in mind as you map out your daily outdoor workout these days.

  • Timing is key- Afternoons are known for the peak of hot temperatures
  • Hydrate- Drink water before, during and after your workout
  • Dress for success- Wear light colors that reflect the sunlight so you don’t overheat, wear lightweight clothing, and protect yourself with sunglasses or a hat too!
  • Listen to your body- Don’t push yourself past unhealthy limits. Breaks in the shade are okay!
  • Doctor’s orders- If you have an existing health concern or disease, make sure you consult your doctor before moving your workouts outside into the heat.
  • Buddy up- It may make the workout more enjoyable and it is safer too.

Enjoy the excitement of spring while it lasts! What is your favorite way to get active in the spring?