I’m glad you are checking out our our blog, but it is screen free week!! We have a ton of resources to help you manage your screen time, just check out our Unplug campaign.


Getting away from the screens can be hard especially since they seem to be running our lives. no laptopLet’s try to go back to the ‘old fashion’ way of life and communicate person to person, read a good book, get out and enjoy the weather, listen to your old records, or mail a letter. There are a lot of ways to be screen free or limit screen time just go out and do it!


Okay…now that you are done reading this and found out everything you need to know in our Unplug campaign I hope you and your family can rise to the challenge and be screen free (or reduce your screen time) for the week!


Excuse me while I go Unplug! Happy Screen Free Week!