Winter weather is right around the corner, but this is how you can make the most of the final weeks of fall in your place of work.

Only a handful of weeks remain without an inch or two of snow present and we are here to help you encourage your worksite to take advantage of the final days of warm(er) weather. Staying active in the winter is a challenge for most and it puts a damper on our overall health during the dark, cold, winter months.

As your worksite’s wellness leader, your encouragement and support is valuable and a crucial part of your employees staying healthy during these months. Here are a few tips for your worksite to stay healthy.

Take advantage of the final days of sunshine.

The winter blues are a concern for many when the sun takes longer breaks behind the clouds. Snow and extended nighttime shifts in the winter don’t help either.

That is why it is so important to beat the blues and soak up as much sun as possible! If you notice the rays beaming, encourage your team to take a short break and take a walk outside.

Here at Community Partners, we utilize Kearney’s Hike and Bike Trail that wraps behind our office building and makes a nice 10-15 minute walking route.

Prep for cold & flu season.

Buy extra hand sanitizer and place it throughout your entire office. Put one by the coffee pot, the copier, and on the conference room table. Think about providing plenty of extra pens and other supplies to limit the spread of germs by sharing the same materials.

Also, if you missed last week’s blog, encourage your employees to get the flu shot. It is not too late, because a flu shot now is better than no flu shot at all.  Finally, if an employee does catch a bug, let them know it is ok to turn in and take a day off to recover- it will prevent spreading it to the rest of the team too!

Challenge your workforce.

Hosting office challenges builds motivation and participation in worksite wellness. Host a healthy recipe cook-off, a walking challenge, hydration challenge or community engagement challenge. These winter months are always filled with food, cozy homes, and warm drinks. Promote how to enjoy all of those in a healthier way!

You can also promote healthy habits in your workplace by posting positive tips and “health hacks” in your office. This infographic found on the Undercover Recruiter’s Blog is geared towards encouraging health and wellness in the winter months!


Just because the countdown to colder weather has begun, does not mean your office has to fret about their health during these months too. Take the time to promote wellness to your team while the sun still shines!