Picking Up Two Excursion Party Boats Is The First Stop On The Buffalo Pedal Tour’s Itinerary

For a variety of reasons, it’s going to be a wonderful time of year when summer finally arrives. If you’ve missed being out on the water, there are a variety of ways to do it again: from stand-up paddle boarding to sailing to Buffalo Pedal Tours’ latest member to its touring fleet, a 48-person vessel perfect for small concerts, craft wine tasting, wedding receptions, and team meetings.

He told us and that the adding of the expedition boat came about after an exhaustive investigation that saw him zigzagging across the state in his search for the perfect watercraft for Lake Erie. When it rains or gets cold, the boat, a member of the aquatic taxi service, will be able to roll down its Isinglass sides, which will allow it to be sealed up when it gets wet. The boat also has a great speaker system, a washroom, and a lounge-style seating area. Once the boat reaches in Buffalo, Szal plans to apply for a liquor licence so that the first voyage can take place in June.

Asked Szal, “I’ve been on the hunt boat like for a long time.” “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. ” So precise, and just right for an excursion of up to two hours in duration. “Passengers will appreciate that the boat would be based at the Erie Basin Marina.”

Additionally, Szal has purchased a smaller craft for “Bimini-style” beach days to Woodlawn Beach, a smaller boat with a capacity of 18 passengers. Passengers will be able to use a giant raft as a floating platform for swimming and sunbathing during the three-hour excursion. For bridal & wedding parties who wish to travel to SolĂ© by water, the smaller vessel would be an excellent choice. With a sandy objective in mind, anyone looking to spend an hour out at sea is welcome to do so.

Szal predicted that 90 percent of the boat’s passengers would be women. This is a great opportunity for both sexes, but it’s more likely that a woman booked it because she put a lot of effort into it [laughing].” When all is said and done, the men tend to be on board with the plan. We’re hoping to get this one out over the water by the end of June.”

As Buffalo’s downtown waterfront continues to grow, so too does the number of aquatic tour/excursion options for visitors.

Szal told me that he enjoys visiting other cities and “scraping” ideas from them. All the time, I’d like to give people something new. ‘ Eight years later, Buffalo Pedal Trips is still going strong. This Saturday, we’ll have ten tours departing on four multi-passenger party bikes. Our new home base on South Park Avenue, next to Loaded Lumber, is where the bike tours leave from. A lot of fun is being had… it is all about having a bit of fun. As a creative thinker, I’m always on the lookout for new and inventive solutions. All of this contributes to the city’s overall improvement.